The corporate world has grown and advanced by leaps and bounds to reach its present state. However, most enterprises still fail to address and alleviate ethical issues in workplace. Occurrences like sexual harassment or cyberbullying are among the common ethical issues in business that organizations need to curtail with greater precision and intent. In fact, while businesses are more concerned about profitability and reputation, ethics often get neglected.

To add, due to the lack of intent or knowledge, many companies fail to identify and resolve the ethical issues that exist in their work cultures or operations. To substantiate, as per the LRN Report, only 49% of the companies give high priority to their ethics and compliance programs in order to be more ethical and righteous. To delve deeper, this article will define some of the major ethical issues in workplace with examples along with the steps that need to be taken to alleviate such problems.

Complete list of top 9 ethical issues in a workplace

Ethical Issue - 1

Workplace Harassment

Visualization of workplace harassment

Workplace harassment is the most common form of ethical issue that is prevalent in many workplaces all around the globe. However, people often relate workplace harassment to sexual harassment which is not the case. Hence, this blog confers a detailed elaboration on all types of harassment that occur in a workplace along with a real-life case study of a company is also presented for better comprehension.

Ethical Issue - 2

Health and Safety issues in a workplace

Common health and safety issues in a workplace

It is a no hidden fact that health and safety issues are very common in workplaces. This article will confer a detailed explanation of health and safety issues that are common in the workplace. Along with this, different types of safety issues along with their measures are also presented in this article.

Ethical Issue - 3

Unethical Accounting Practices

A common ethical issue of accounting practices in a workplace

Unethical accounting practices are one of the most common ethical issues that are common in the contemporary workplace. This column of the blog deals with a thorough description of unethical accounting practices along with a real-life case study for better comprehension.

Ethical Issue - 4

Invasion of privacy

Image of man stealing information from computer

With the advancement in technology, humans have availed many benefits. On the other hand, technology also gave birth to a problem of breach of privacy by making private information accessible easily. This blog will effectively cover detailed information about breaches of privacy and different measures to avoid them.

Ethical Issue - 5

Neglect of Environmental responsibility

Representation of neglect of responsibility in a workplace

This article presents an in-depth elaboration of neglect of environmental responsibility as an ethical issue that is common in many workplaces around the globe. Along with this, it also covers a real-life example of a company for better comprehension of ethical issues.

Ethical Issue - 6

Misuse of Social Media

visualization of exploitation of social media

Everybody is getting addicted to social media nowadays and it is no hidden fact that being addicted to social media in the workplace affects your productivity adversely. Hence, this segment of the blog covers a detailed elaboration of the exploitation of social media as an ethical issue in the workplace.

Ethical Issue - 7

Nepotism and Favoritism

Employers favoring employee in a workplace

Nepotism, and favoritism not only decrease the morale of other employees but also contributes to increasing negativity in a workplace which further affects the overall growth of a company. This section of the blog effectively covers nepotism and favoritism as ethical issues in the workplace.

Ethical Issue - 8

Misuse of Technology

Technology exploitation in a workplace as an ethical issue

This article deliberately deals with the exhaustive elaboration of technology exploitation as a common ethical issue in the workplace. Along with this, various measures to avoid and a real-life example of a company are also presented for a better understanding of the ethical issue.

Ethical Issue - 9

Lack of Diversity

People from diverse backgrounds in a workplace

This article presents a detailed description of the lack of diversity in a workplace as an ethical issue in a contemporary workplace. Alongside, this article also confers effective methods to foster diversity in a workplace with a real-life example of a company for a better comprehension of the ethical issue.