The following terms apply to all the deliveries (supply and services). Herein all the deliveries shall be made in electronic form and include the mode of deliveries through emails, portal uploading or any other electronic mode of communication or delivery as deemed fit by the supplier. Herein the supplier or the seller relates to the company who is defining the present terms and conditions. Herein all the terms and conditions apply to present, future offers and the contracts and subject to the changes made by the seller and that can be done without giving any further notice to any of the stakeholders. The terms of business or delivery conditions of the customers (client, customer or buyer) which we do not accept explicitly in writing are not binding upon us and cannot be considered the part of the contract as the same cannot be implied in any part of the contract.

1. Offer or regulation of contractual obligations

2. Prices

3. Delivery, service or performance

4. Defects, warranty and limitations

5. Liability

6. Payment

6.3 The payment is to be made in the agreed mode of payments as enumerated on the website.

6.4 Settlement, discount or any other expenses are only permitted upon the written consent of the company and any risks and cost related to the payment of invoice amount shall be assumed/met by the customer.

6.5 If the customer is in default of payment, then we are entitled to charge the interest of 10 percent or above the base interest and also any rights shall be governed by the Indian laws.

6.6 If any insolvency proceedings are brought against the legal estate of the customer, then we are entitled to offset the demands or the claims which have not been paid. However, the all the rights of the company shall be protected thereto.

7. Place of jurisdiction

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