1. We at our end always tried to adhere to best customer satisfaction policies and practices and also, we match up to industry best quality standards. Further, the request for cancellation or refund shall be processed within 24 hours of receiving the same at our end. Further, the same shall be subject to force majeure conditions. Also, the request be intimated at our registered email id that Further the decision from our end shall be communicated within 2 days.

2. At the time of processing of the order no amount less than 20% shall be paid and thereafter when the order is processed another 50% to be paid and before the delivery the entire amount has to be paid in full. In case, the order is cancelled by customer after the processing of the order, the amount shall not be refunded. It would be refunded only in case where the customer cancels the same within 24 hours before the processing of the order. Further, if there is any default on the part of customer, then without any prejudice to any other right or remedy available to the company, the company shall be entitled to:

3. Any cancellation of the order shall be entertained only if the same is communicated in the writing to the company within 24 hours of placing. Further, the whole amount shall be refunded pursuant to the cancellation request being communicated within the stipulated time and in case the same is not done and the order gets processed then no refund shall be given and the amount paid by the customer would be forfeited.

4. Further, if there is any fault or delay on the part of the supplier or the company in processing of the order then the amount shall be refunded in full without any deductions to original method of payment or as per the convenience of the customer and the same should be in the accepted mode of payment of the seller. Further, the said amount can be readjusted to any subsequent order of the customer and that too would be upon the discretion of the customer.

5. Subsequent to the placing and processing of the order the cancellation would only be permitted if there are any errors that cannot be rectified and the refund of the same shall be made and the decision taken thereto shall be by the senior authorities in the company and their decision shall be final and binding.

6. If the customer is not satisfied by the quality, then the attempt shall be made to rectify the same and best efforts would be done by the company with regard to the same. Further, the refund can be readjusted in the subsequent order and that would be upon the discretion of the customer when agreed to.

7. Further, if there is any grievance regarding the refund or cancellation of the order, then the customer within 3 days of the cancellation or refund is denied may write to senior refund section officer of the authority which shall act as final and binding authority. The customer can contact at info@crowjack

8. All the refund shall be processed after deduction of processing charges, taxes applicable or any other costs that might have been incurred in processing of the same. (if any). If there are no costs incurred then the payment shall be refunded in full and the same shall reflect in the customer account.

9. In case there arises any dispute then the courts of jurisdiction at Ludhiana, Punjab, India have all sought of jurisdiction to try the cases. The same shall be final and binding authority for the same. Further, all the Indian laws should be applicable between the customers and the company and any suit or case shall be filed in the local courts bound by the Indian laws.

10. In the event of claim or compensation, arising out of default of supplier or the company in the clauses of the cancellation and refund, then the limited liability clauses shall come into force. Then the maximum liability for compensating the customer shall be restricted to maximum 20% of the order amount that has been placed. Further, the decision regarding the default at the supplier end shall be final subject to any review by the appellate authority within the company involving senior management and if still any grievance persist than same shall be subject matter of litigation to be instituted in Ludhiana court at India only.

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